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    电话:0571-83821779   22821798


          公司成立以来,致力于工业与民用建筑钢结构的设计、制造、安装,五金加工,电除尘环保设备的研究开发、设计、制造、安装及装饰工程,取得了良好的社会效益与经济效益。以合理的价格、优良的质量博得了广大客户的首肯。     公司坚持以人为本、以质取胜的兴厂之道,尊重科学、尊重人才、尊重质量已成为全厂员工的共识,公司现有职工350人,其中中高级技术人员36人,大、中专以上学历占全厂职工的37%。为拓展相关的业务领域,公司在装饰性钢构件的制造安装工艺上取得了重大的技术革新,获得了一定的成就。在生产工艺上,严把技术关,项目管理、质量检验关,对每一件钢结构产品,都一丝不苟,精心打造。
    Brief Introduction
          Located at Ningwei Town of Xiaoshan Economic & Technological Development Zone, Zhejiang Yibang Steel Structure Co., Ltd is a new joint-stock enterprise which mianly operate in the steel structure manufacturing, hardware processing, research and development, design, manufacture, installation of electric dust environmental protection equipment and decoration engineering. It was established in July, 2002. Its total investment is 68 million RMB yuan and its fixed assets is more than 100 million RMB yuan. There is a total area of 20,000 square meters. We have the complete sets of machining equipments for steel structure and the advanced H-section steel production line in domestic as well as we can install various steel structure projects according to the customers.
          In recent years, we have devoted ourselves to the design, manufacture and installation of kinds of industrial & civil construction, hardware processing, research and development, design, manufacture, installation of electric dust environmental protection equipment and decoration engineering, which have achieved excellent social and economic benefits as well as they have been well received by vast customers with our reasonable price and high quality products.
          By taking the principle of “based on personnel and quality”, we stick to think highly of science, talents and quality. At present we have 350 employees among which technicians with middle and senior titles are 36 and staffs with college education background take 37% of the total employees.
          In order to expand our business, we have made important innovation for decoration of steel structure as well as we carry out strict management for product’s quality at each tache during our manufacturing. We deeply believe that our hard work and your support will bring to success for us. Ascend another story to see a thousand miles, led by director Qian Xuelin, we will sure to win greater achievement and advance ahead with the times by taking the aim of “Unity, practice, diligence and transcendence”.
          The future of Yibang will be much better.

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